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Exploring rapidly changing markets to promote innovation, capture new opportunities, and create value for creators and business professionals 

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All industries have been revolutionized by the internet and information technology, but it has arguably been the media industry that has experienced the biggest disruption. It is why former giants and cultural touchstones like Blockbuster Video and Tower Records have gone out of business, and why print media is struggling for survival.

In dealing with journalists and storytellers, business professionals, creators and technologists, we believe in collaboration and business imperative to amplify voices: to learn, respect and educate throughout our organization and our industry, through our teams, our storytelling, our creative work, and our platforms, products, and partnerships.

Career Progression

At Monster Alliance we value progress in everyone in our organisation, we give all employees the confidence that they can advance their capabilities and careers without gaps based on identity.

Transparency & Communication
We believe every individual will have their story, we encourage the culture of sharing information regarding our progress and performance in work, to hold ourselves accountable and to educate others. Begin to tell and share our own stories as a means of engaging and unifying a Monster Alliance community grounded in our values.



Join us in shaping the future of media

Our team members come to Monster Alliance via diverse paths – we have backgrounds in painting, journalism, economics, English literature, sports marketing, advertising, photography, blogging, soccer, and sketch comedy, just to name a few – and that’s on top of our design, software engineering, sales, video, and writing experience. What unites us is a shared passion for inquiry and excellence in our respective endeavours.

Our Internship Program

Monster Alliance has often brought emerging voices to a bigger audience, and we’re continuing to grow the next generation of talent. Our one to six months internship program trains and elevates promising talent in our industry, and develops their skills and careers.

The internship program is intended for people early in their careers, or who are interested in transitioning into media. The internship provides extensive training and mentorship, intensive feedback from managers, sessions featuring leaders across Monster Alliance, and other professional development.

email to: for more information 

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