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Is content important for your brand?

Let me ask you a question: why you do publish content on your website?

The main reason you publish content is because it pre-sells your products and services. Meaning, it qualifies the buyers. It separates people who will never, ever buy from you from those who will. Lots of people come to your site. Some of it might be ready to make a purchase there and then but vast majority of people won’t. When you publish strategic, highly relevant content on your website, you get their attention.

These people say to themselves – hmm, this content is highly useful. This helps me in getting closer to my solution. I better find out what else this person is offering. I don’t want to miss any of their content so I’d better get on their list. You see what’s happening there? You are getting the attention of people who are most likely to buy from you. You are attracting your ideal customers and clients with your content – that’s what you are doing.

The goals of your content marketing should be:

  • Find new potential buyers (leads)

  • Convert leads into people interested what you have to offer (prospects)

  • Convert prospects into paying customers

  • Create trust, authority and credibility.

Every time you want to create a piece of content for your website, your newsletter or your social media outposts, you need to ask yourself this question. What content can I create to get the attention of my prospects?

Content marketing simply means talking about your products and services in a way to demonstrate how they fit within your customers’ lives. Discussing the need for it and what they’ll get out of it. Once you truly get this idea – the reason for all this content creation is to pre-sell – and understand the strategy, you can supercharge your ‘content marketing’ efforts.

So how to you begin the process of creating an effective content strategy? How do you make sure you are not making big mistakes with your content?

connect to our Monster Alliance team for how we can help you create content and getting you more leads and business.

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