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Monster Alliance Berhad & Curtis Stout's Venture into Waste-to-Energy Solutions

In a groundbreaking move for sustainable energy solutions, Monster Alliance Berhad, a dynamic deal-making entity, is exploring an exciting venture in the renewable energy sector. The focus is on a potential Waste-to-Energy (WTE) plant in Penang, Malaysia, in collaboration with Curtis Stout Power, a subsidiary of the esteemed Curtis Stout USA, known for its extensive experience in electrical and power generation.

Curtis Stout Power, tracing its roots back to 1947 in Little Rock, Arkansas, has made a significant mark in the electrical and power industry. With a strategic pivot to international expansion, the company has set its sights on Southeast Asia, with Malaysia being the central point of its operations. This expansion is a testament to Curtis Stout's proactive approach and recognition of the importance of local partnerships in fostering sustainable growth.

Curtis Stout Power has proposed a comprehensive suite of services to ensure the success of the WTE plant project, including construction management, project oversight, start-up and commissioning, and real-time budget management. Their approach emphasizes efficiency and aims to deliver projects on time and below budget, minimizing disruptions and change orders.

This venture not only represents a step forward in renewable energy development but also embodies the collaborative spirit between Monster Alliance Berhad and Curtis Stout Power. Both entities are committed to leveraging their strengths to contribute to a greener, more sustainable future in Southeast Asia.

As discussions progress, the potential for this WTE plant in Penang represents a beacon of innovation and sustainability. Monster Alliance Berhad, with its transformative vision, together with Curtis Stout Power's rich history and expertise, are poised to create a landmark in the renewable energy landscape. Shoant Teoh, Managing Director of Monster Alliance Berhad, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership: “We are thrilled to join forces with Curtis Stout Power. This collaboration represents a pivotal step in our journey towards sustainable energy solutions, aligning perfectly with our mission to innovate and lead in the industry.”

Stay tuned as we journey through this collaborative venture, where innovation meets sustainability, charting a new course for energy solutions in Southeast Asia.


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